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In today’s times, proficiency in more than one language opens up a world of opportunities to engage, communicate, interact and thrive in everything you do.

You can enjoy meaningful conversations, lead business presentations, and succeed in the global economy. Bilinguals have known to have better memory, critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, and enhanced listening skills. Those who speak more than one language also display signs of higher flexibility and creativity.

So, come, join one of the leading centers for language learning and gain a new perspective of the world and its beautiful cultures.

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Our Philosophy

At ACAL, we embrace the combined power of language and culture to drive growth and success in all your endeavors. All our learning activities include cultural training to help you speak the new language in the right context. We also help you to understand your cultural preferences and how they impact your communication with different cultures.

Experience an immersive learning environment wherein language is not just about words, grammar, or vocabulary, but also a lot about culture.

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  • Spanish

  • French

  • English

  • German

  • Italian

  • American Sign Language

  • Portuguese

  • Greek

  • Russian

  • Mandarin

  • Arabic

  • Hebrew

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Our Mission

To provide excellent language training at the best value with exceptional customer service.

In our endeavor to achieve this mission, our team consistently:

  • Sets high-performance standards and diligently executes them

  • Leverages modern teaching techniques for our diverse students

  • Promotes cultural understanding and worldwide communication

  • Improves our programs through research, insights, and innovative ideas

  • Provides a comfortable and conducive learning environment

Our Purpose. Your Schedule.

At ACAL, we offer ample flexibility to our students in terms of classes, curriculum, timings, and more. You can choose the conventional group classes or request private lessons anywhere.

With ACAL, you can expect interactive sessions, fun-filled learning, experienced instructors and assured results. No matter what’s your goal for learning a new language, we help you fulfill it with ease and enjoyment.

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Why Choose ACAL?

  • The curriculum captures the cultural flavor

  • Emphasis on conversations

  • Small and supportive classes

  • An environment that builds confidence

  • Vocabulary and grammar lessons are engaging, instead of boring

  • Learn practical words with real-life situations

  • Techniques that help you learn the nuances of pronunciation

  • Ideal for everyone from toddlers, young adults, professionals, to seniors

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