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What We Will Cover

Learning a new language can help you be an integral part of the global business community. Similarly, it can assist students with higher education and give professionals an edge in their career.

Since German is an essential business language in Europe and the United States, it can transform your career. Not to mention, German technology is highly sought after around the world. If you have the combination of technological innovation and language fluency, the opportunities are endless.

At ACAL, we offer German language programs to everyone – from little ones to senior citizens. Our classes highlight the vocabulary and grammar of the German language. At the same time, we focus on German culture. You’ll know all about the country of poets and thinkers!

The ACAL German Program Offers:

The Results

Upon successfully completing the program, learners will be able to:

  • Read German magazines, websites, newspapers, business portals, etc.

  • Understand the spelling and pronunciation rules and differences in dialects

  • Talk confidently on the phone, conduct meetings and presentations in German

  • Add a new skill to their professional or academic profile

  • Make new friends and converse fluently in German

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Here’s what our happy students had to say about our services

Growing up multilingual, I know what it takes to become comfortable in and with a language. Marissa is uniquely qualified to enhance your current skill set or if you are just starting a with new language, she can create a custom learning path for you. I found my lessons both extremely useful and entertaining. I highly recommend Marissa and her team to anyone trying to learn a new language.

Carlo van der Burg – Publisher

I took Spanish Classes with Marissa. She used her unique style to teach and tailored the lessons to my needs, allowing me to apply the learning right away in my industry.

Thomas Brooks – Marketing Executive

Marissa is a one-of-a-kind teacher. The one you´ll remember ’til the rest of your life. She changes the paradigm; she makes you jump and do things; she is upbeat and always has a positive attitude. Above all she’s a good listener. Thanks.

Shahid K – Engineer

Mrs. Burres is one of those teachers that you will remember for the rest of your life. Always welcomed you into her class with a smile, handshake, Good morning/ Afternoon, and the occasional compliment. She’s very energetic and always ready to teach and has unique was of doing so.

Haylee M. McNutt – Student

Mrs. Burres was honestly one of my favorite teachers. She made the class more exciting by doing fun art projects related to the Spanish culture, as well as fun games we would play in class to keep the class more alive. Mrs. Burres was honestly one of the best teachers I had in High School who took her time to teach the students patiently and one by one, ensuring we were all learning and not left behind.

Vera Pineda – Student

I have been attending Marissa’s Spanish group activities since 2012, and I have found her method of teaching fun and easy to follow. I also have had private lessons for 2 years with Marissa and one year with one of her instructors. The increase in my Spanish proficiency has been a valuable asset in my law practice and very useful in my trips to Latin American and Spain.

Dan Downey – Lawyer

Ms. Burres is a very knowledgeable teacher and loves her students. Her passion to teach Spanish is noticeable because she cares about her students. I didn’t know how to write Spanish until I took her courses and learned it and how apply it to the real World. I really recommend her Language School because she has the skills to help her students to succeed, speak and write Spanish.

Luis Pardo – Student