Want to take Spanish classes Houston? Learning a new language may be exciting, but it’s also a lot of work.

How can you ensure the class you choose is right for you? Fortunately, you can set yourself up for success by doing a little preparation before you sign up for lessons. Here are six things you should do to find the right Spanish class.

     1. Figure Out Your Goals

Figure Out Your GoalsSpanish classes for adults usually have different goals than lessons created for children. While elementary school students may benefit from learning colors and shapes, you may want to communicate with coworkers or clients. Though language learning includes basics, no matter your age, your focus may shift based on your personal and professional goals.

To make sure the class you choose will help you meet those goals, it’s best to identify them concretely. You may want to write them down for reference as you look over different instructors’ mission statements to make sure they correlate.

     2. Determine Your Learning Style

Before you enroll in Spanish classes in Houston, you should figure out what your learning style is. There are three major learning styles:

  • Visual: People who are visual learners comprehend best with visual aids.
  • Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic learners absorb information best when they’re moving around and physically participating; they’re the “learn by doing” group.
  • Auditory: People who remember best by listening are auditory learners.

You can be one of the above or a combination. There are many quizzes and online tutorials that can help you determine which is your learning style.

Why is this important? When you search for “Spanish classes near me,” you’ll find instructors with a variety of teaching styles. If your learning style and their teaching styles don’t match up, you may end up struggling to learn.

    3. Look at Different Media Offerings

Look at Different Media OfferingsThe first thing to check when researching Spanish lessons is what kind of media you can expect in the classroom. Will your instruction be limited to textbooks, or will you be watching videos? Is the class interactive, with students expected to converse with each other and the instructor? Does the instructor set up immersive, real-life scenarios for you to act out?

Another crucial part of learning any language is studying the culture. Classes should introduce you to the wide-ranging cultures that use Spanish, from Latin America to Spain, to provide context for social interactions. Without this vital background, you’re at risk of committing a faux pas when interacting with native speakers. No matter how large your vocabulary or how firm your grasp of grammar, your language education isn’t complete without a working knowledge of the native cultures.

     4. Look at Reviews

Before you commit to lessons, you should look up reviews of the school. It’s one thing to read an institution’s claims and another thing entirely to see what people’s actual experiences are.

If there’s a star rating, certainly take a look, but don’t judge based on stars alone. Make sure you read both high and low star reviews to understand why people awarded their score. Things that one person didn’t like, such as an instructor speaking only in Spanish, may be something you’re looking for.

     5. Get Into the Right Headspace

Get Into the Right HeadspaceLanguage study is a life-long journey; no matter how proficient you are, there’s always something new to learn. This is true even for your native language.

This means you need to be in the right headspace to make a long-term investment. There are times you may get frustrated or feel you aren’t making adequate progress. This is part and parcel of learning a foreign language; if you’re in the right headspace, you’ll know that these obstacles are opportunities and be able to persevere.

     6. Take the Leap

Finally, know when to stop researching and enroll. Starting your language-learning journey can be both exciting and scary; if you’re anxious about trying something new, you may be tempted to keep looking until you find the “perfect” class. Instead of giving in to anxiety, try to focus on all the positives Spanish speaking brings and take the leap.

Are you looking for “Spanish classes for adults near me?” ACAL offers both group and private lessons to help you master the Spanish language. You can learn specific dialects through interactive instruction that provides you with real-world skills. For more information or to enroll now, give us a call at 346-358-3237 or contact us online.


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