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Translations And Interpreters

We offer high quality translations services to individuals and corporations, from all industry. We count with certified translators who have experience and are native Speakers of the language. We focus primary in Spanish, French and Italian translations. We translate all type of documents including birth certificates, instructions manuals, work presentations, and more. No work is small enough or big enough. 

Interpreters- We provide you with interpreters in different languages, and American Sign Language. Whether you need to do a presentation to co workers or clients, or participate in a big conference, or in a business negotiation we have interpreters to help you. 

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Spanish Healthcare Providers

We will teach Spanish to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, hospital

technicians, physical therapists, and medical administrators with little or no Spanish-language

experience. We can help you with the material designed for the specific topics or work with the

material they give you at your workplace.

We will use techniques of pronunciation and repetition to help you understand and remember useful

phrases and that way you will feel more confidence in interviewing, examining, and treating your

Spanish-speaking patients and most importantly making a connection with them.

The first step is to gain skills and confidence you need to interact with your Spanish-speaking

patients and their families! We are here to help you.

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Lawyer talking to his client in office

Spanish for Lawyers

The objective of this course is to help legal professionals to learn

Spanish, teaching them terminology necessary for their specific

field. Courses will be prepared to cover both oral and written

communication skills (including grammar, idioms, stylistic

variation and storytelling). The intention is that the students will

gain a full understanding of the cultural and regional nuances of

communicating with colleagues in different countries so they can

have an idea of the legal aspects dealing with different countries.

Additionally, the students will cultivate the necessary abilities to

create legal documents in Spanish and converse with clients and

colleagues in a professional setting.

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Spanish for Construction managers

Are you in the construction industry? Do you want to communicate effectively with Spanish-

speaking employees or co-workers on the construction site? At academy of Culture and

Language we will teach you the necessary phrases and the pronunciation to be able to connect

and communicate in your field

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The TOEFL prep course builds from the master level and helps students pass the TOEFL exam. This course includes:

  • Reading, listening, speaking, and writing study sections
  • Practical advice for taking the TOEFL exam
  • Practice tests
  • Advice for good study habits
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English Accent Reduction

Once we assess the results of your diagnostic analysis according to your goals, objectives, and areas for improvement, you will be assigned a Spanish accent reduction trainer.

The goal of accent reduction training is for the non-native to improve their overall speaking clarity. Accent reduction training is to help you better understand your workplace and community; not to completely eliminate the accent

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Crash Course for Travelers

Crash Course for Travelers

For most of us, traveling to a foreign country often involves culture shock—especially when you can’t speak the native language. This can make connecting with others and adapting to their culture more difficult.

ACAL offers a crash course for travelers that includes a quick introduction to the language, everyday practices, and traditions of the foreign country. It can be helpful for first-time or veteran travelers to learn the proper pronunciation and meaning of essential phrases before booking their trip.

Our native-speaking instructors will teach you:

  • Proper greetings
  • How to introduce yourself
  • How to order food
  • Other common aspects of daily life

What are you waiting for? Prepare for your trip today with this useful, fast-pace course tailored specifically for you!

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Parent & Child Program

This program uses the “mommy and me style” for language enrichment. Its designed to

introduce a language to children 2+ and their parents or caregivers using music, movements,

puppets, and art. This is a great time to interact with the kids in a fun environment while learning

a new language.

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Corporate Classes

If you would like your team or group of employees to embrace in a new culture, expand their markets or improve their language skills, you have the option to offer them the opportunities to attend lessons right at the convenience of their own location or send them to our offices.

We can help you to eliminate cross-cultural barriers and prepare employees for doing business overseas or to adapt faster to the country they are visiting. Learning a new language is also beneficial to keep the Team motivated and engaged in working together, as they are connecting and acquiring tools to communicate better. The employees participating in lessons are usually very talented and happy to stay in a company with an innovative culture.

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Here’s what our happy students had to say about our services

Growing up multilingual, I know what it takes to become comfortable in and with a language. Marissa is uniquely qualified to enhance your current skill set or if you are just starting a with new language, she can create a custom learning path for you. I found my lessons both extremely useful and entertaining. I highly recommend Marissa and her team to anyone trying to learn a new language.

Carlo van der Burg – Publisher

I took Spanish Classes with Marissa. She used her unique style to teach and tailored the lessons to my needs, allowing me to apply the learning right away in my industry.

Thomas Brooks – Marketing Executive

Marissa is a one-of-a-kind teacher. The one you´ll remember ’til the rest of your life. She changes the paradigm; she makes you jump and do things; she is upbeat and always has a positive attitude. Above all she’s a good listener. Thanks.

Shahid K – Engineer

Mrs. Burres is one of those teachers that you will remember for the rest of your life. Always welcomed you into her class with a smile, handshake, Good morning/ Afternoon, and the occasional compliment. She’s very energetic and always ready to teach and has unique was of doing so.

Haylee M. McNutt – Student

Mrs. Burres was honestly one of my favorite teachers. She made the class more exciting by doing fun art projects related to the Spanish culture, as well as fun games we would play in class to keep the class more alive. Mrs. Burres was honestly one of the best teachers I had in High School who took her time to teach the students patiently and one by one, ensuring we were all learning and not left behind.

Vera Pineda – Student

I have been attending Marissa’s Spanish group activities since 2012, and I have found her method of teaching fun and easy to follow. I also have had private lessons for 2 years with Marissa and one year with one of her instructors. The increase in my Spanish proficiency has been a valuable asset in my law practice and very useful in my trips to Latin American and Spain.

Dan Downey – Lawyer

Ms. Burres is a very knowledgeable teacher and loves her students. Her passion to teach Spanish is noticeable because she cares about her students. I didn’t know how to write Spanish until I took her courses and learned it and how apply it to the real World. I really recommend her Language School because she has the skills to help her students to succeed, speak and write Spanish.

Luis Pardo – Student

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